Monday, July 17, 2006

Taco Bell Christianity

Great post over at Light Along the Journey called Taco Bell Christianity.

Hat tip: World Magazine's Blogwatch

Anyone else hungry for a chalupa? Never mind. Quote ...
There are millions who have given up on Christianity because all they have seen is empty rote religion with no power to truly transform the lives of the people who follow it. They have given up on church because all they hear is dry dusty theology or pop self-help they can get from Dr. Phil on TV.

John Piper said it well commenting on the sad state of the typical American pulpit:

(There is a reason why) Today so many people say so many minimizing and foolish things about preaching. They have never heard it. They don’t know what it is. They have no basis for judgement as they belittle it and call for alternatives that are more “effective.”

Most people in America have never heard REAL preaching, preaching that is annointed by the Spirit and “soaked with the blood of Jesus and singed by the fire of hell.” So they either mindlessly settle for the drivel they are given, not knowing any better, or just walk away lost and disillusioned.

Please, let’s not settle for Taco Bell preaching or Taco Bell small groups or Taco Bell Christianity. There are millions floundering and dying because they don’t have “the real thing” in their lives. Let us strive in our churches for the real thing, for lives and community and teaching miraculously transformed by the Spirit, focused on the life and death of the Son, and glorifying the majesty and love of the Father.

And when people finally taste the real thing, they won’t be going back to Taco Bell anymore.