Wednesday, July 05, 2006

More on Rick Warren's North Korea Visit

Seems as though not everyone is happy with Rick Warren hitting North Korea.

Slice of Laodicea: Rick Warren's North Korea Visit: Evangelism or Propaganda?

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While North Korea was gearing up to launch a long range missile and five rockets into the Sea of Japan this week, sending a grim message to the entire world, out at Saddleback Church Rick Warren was announcing that he will soon be bringing his message of purpose to North Korea where he reportedly will be addressing an audience of 15,000. "God is using Rick Warren to be a vessel of peace!" gushed one Saddleback member. There is great hope in Lake Forest that Rick Warren's message in that stadium will cause Kim Jong II to drop his nuclear purposes and embrace some kinder, gentler ones.

But who exactly will be sitting in that stadium when Mr. Warren steps up to the podium? Given the level of government induced starvation in that country, the average North Korean would be lucky to have the strength to walk to the stadium to hear him in the first place. Amnesty International reported the following in April, 2006:

"(In 2006) Millions of North Koreans continued to suffer hunger and chronic malnutrition. Continued government restrictions on freedom of movement and information, lack of transparency and hampering of independent monitoring meant that food aid may not always have reached those most in need. Much of the population was afflicted by critical dietary deficiencies, consuming very little protein, fat or micro-nutrients. The CRC expressed concern about increasing infant and child mortality rates, high rates of malnourishment and stunting in children, and alarming increases in maternal mortality rates. It also expressed serious concern about lack of access to clean drinking water and poor sanitation. The acute food shortages forced thousands to cross "illegally" to China's north-eastern provinces. Those repatriated faced torture, detention, interrogation and imprisonment in poor conditions..."

No, at this event you won't see chubby cheeked Korean peasant children and their happy parents.You can expect to see the communist party faithful selected to attend this massive propaganda event in promotion of the world's most brutal and oppressive regime. Billy Graham shamelessly became a shill for the Communist Party in Russia during his now infamous visit where he was shuttled around government sanctioned Orthodox churches by KGB agents. Who can forget his appalling and ignorant statement that he didn't see any persecution of Christians while he was in Russia? All the while, he was serving as a useful mouthpiece for the communist party. Graham betrayed and spit in the face of all of those faithful saints who suffered unspeakable deprivation and hardship for serving Jesus Christ. Rick Warren has already stated that he has called Billy Graham for advice on his trip. Bad idea. He should have called Voice of the Martyrs or International Christian Concern, or for that matter, Amnesty International. They could have given him the rundown on exactly why he was being invited to address 15,000 communist party staff members and their families who will smile and applaud in front of the world media. Pardon the play on words, but this isn't rocket science.

Not for a moment do these communist butchers believe that Rick Warren will get up and call the communist faithful to repent and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, at whose name every knee will bow. Not for a moment do these leaders worry that they will have a Christian revival on their hands by letting Mr. Warren speak. That's because Rick Warren is now known as the man with the P.E.A.C.E. Plan and the e's in that acronym do not stand for evangelism. The man-centered, counterfeit gospel preached by Rick Warren is a threat to no earthly regime. The only threat these communist officials fear is the preaching of the true word of God, which is powerful enough to shake the foundations of nations. Kim Jong II considers himself to be God. He will never, ever turn over the podium to someone who will stand up and say, "Citizens, your emperor is wearing no clothes. You worship a false god. Let me introduce you to the true God, before whom you must all bow."

It must be heady stuff to be in demand by the Council on Foreign Relations, to speak before the United Nations and before Bill Gates and Ted Turner. It must be thrilling and flattering to be invited to appear before heads of states and all the movers and shakers on planet earth. What a contrast to the humble ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ, the very Son of God, who was despised and rejected by men, a man of sorrows, acquainted with grief. What a contrast Rick Warren's career is to those of the Apostles, one crucified upside down, another thrown from the roof of a synagogue, another stoned in cold blood for preaching Christ crucified. Rick Warren is loved and feted because his message is absent the cross and Christ's call to die. That's why he is popular and politically useful.

The evening after Billy Graham outraged millions by claiming that he saw no religious persecution in Russia, Bill Moyers appeared on the CBS Evening newscast with an editorial. He said something that is singularly fitting as Rick Warren plans to meet with the North Koreans.

"It just goes to show that you can't sup with power and come away untainted."

Truer words were never spoken.