Friday, July 07, 2006

More on Rick Warren to North Korea, Part II

Ladies and gentlemen, Captain Foghat ...

Captain Foghat thinks, given the recent "doings" in the Sea of Japan, that the North Koreans have plenty of "purpose" and "drive" in their lives already. So what do they need Rick Warren for? Publicity, diversion, take your pick. (And you thought Moe was the last stooge.) Does anyone think Rick will preach the wrath of God, and call the Koreans to repentance? Neither do I.

True enough. Although, who in America preaches the wrath of God and repentance -- apart from a few cranky Presbyterians, turn-or-burn Baptists and holy rolling Pentecostals? And we're perfectly free to do so. The American Gospel is "accept Christ for more wealth, more happiness and larger SUV."

It will be quite interesting to see what comes of this visit. I can't imagine that the "Dear Leader" -- Kim Jong Il -- will give Pastor Warren free reign to say whatever he wants. But who knows? All Christians should pray that the Gospel goes forth with power in North Korea, whether through Rick Warren or by some other means.