Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The God Helmet

Turns out God is not in the mushrooms (see below). He's in this guy's helmet.

The Guardian News is there with Bring me a God helmet, and bring it now.

Quote ...

But of course, there is a natural human drive to seek out the transcendent. A "neurotheology" researcher called Dr Michael Persinger has developed something called the "God Helmet" lined with magnets to help you in your quest: it sounds like typical bad science fodder, but it's much more interesting than that.

Persinger is a proper scientist. The temporal lobes have long been implicated in religious experiences: epileptic seizures in that part of the brain, for example, can produce mystical experiences and visions. Persinger's helmet stimulates these temporal lobes with weak electromagnetic fields through the skull, and in various published papers this stimulation has been shown to induce a "sensed presence", under blinded conditions.

Interesting? You said a mouthful buddy. Sometimes I wonder how the Almighty restrains Himself from visiting fiery judgement on all of us.