Sunday, June 11, 2006

New Word Alert! Theocrat

Theocrat. I'd imagine we'll be seeing this word more often. Liberals love to accuse anyone with even a passing knowledge of the Bible of secretly creating a theocracy in America. Theocracy apparently has too many syllables and sounds too innocuous,so they've shortened it to theocrat. I'll give them credit. Theocrat is punchier, much more like name calling and so I expect it to be slung around with glee more often.

To wit ... a recent graduation commencement at Moravian College ... the first paragraph is just for context ...

You (graduating Moravians) celebrate different cultures but you know that a "traditional culture defense" can't justify crimes against humanity. Of course, Muslims shouldn't be made scapegoats for terrorism and Islamophobia is unconscionable bigotry. But neither should misogyny, honor crimes, battered wives, and barbarism be rationalized through a patriarchial rendering of the Koran or any other text.

Likewise, you're aware that our own society is hardly immune to religious extremism. It ranges from the fundamentalist Puritanism complicit in the genocide of indigenous peoples of North America to today's "theocrat wanabees" in Washington. These guys believe they're reading God's blog each morning. And guess what? It conveniently corresponds to their dreams of global domination.

You can read the whole thing -- in all its humanist glory -- here.

I heard the word on one of the talking head shows today as well. Again, no Christian worth his salt really cares about the government, of this or any nation. We don't want to create a theocracy, we want every thought, word and deed to be brought into subjection to the Lord Jesus Christ. Who gives a rip about puny governments? Liberals, we don't want your legislature, we want you. And we will use the indestructable weapons of the Gospel -- love, peace, joy -- to bomb you into submission. You really might as well surrender now.