Monday, November 21, 2005

Letters, We Get Letters

From a loyal reader -- Captain Foghat -- responding to this article -- The Queen Extols the Unique Power of Christianity:

Yeah, we can say "pip, pip" and "cheerio" but we can also say "tripe, tripe" and "so what?" If all Her Majesty has to say about the Christian faith is that it has "lasting significance and purpose" then we shouldn't be too surprised by the anemic state of the Christian church in England, nor by the actions of her ne'er-do-well eldest son. But contemporary evangelical Christians will chew on any bone monarchs and other politicians may throw, and think that because the liberals are upset it must be good stuff. Now if the bone the Queen threw had some meat on it; if she said something of biblical substance, then we might get excited. Then there might be some hope for her country.