Monday, October 10, 2005

Is the Gospel Really This Dangerous?

The LA Times is on the case ... protecting us from reckless pastors ... Documents Show Air Force May Have Pushed Christianity ... quote ...

The Air Force until August provided guidelines to chaplains that officials believe may have encouraged the chaplains to aggressively advocate Christianity throughout the ranks, according to a letter written by a top military lawyer in a lawsuit over religious discrimination.

The Air Force has struggled for years to defend itself against charges of religious hostility and accusations that chaplains at the Air Force Academy regularly proselytize non-Christian cadets.

Just imagine it, people. Ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ ... advocating their religion! And aggressively, no less! The scoundrels. And proselytizing! If there is one thing I can't stand it's a dirty, low-down, no-good proselytizer!

Yes, sarcasm is fun. But, really, is this for real? Again, to review, I went to a secular university (Go Aztecs!) I was proselytized up the wazoo by socialists, communists and atheists. My faith was mocked and derided. Should I go back and sue?

Yes, I know Air Force is funded by our tax dollars, but so was my school. That did not stop the professors there from advocating the religion of Godless humanism. Trust me, it's a religion. Or perhaps, more accurately, a pagan cult. No one could believe that garbage without a tremendous amount of faith.