Thursday, September 15, 2005

'Dirty Harry' Christians

"Every dirty job that comes along ... "

'Dirty Harry' Christians. Quote!

Where's the ACLU? This co-mingling of government and religious resources must stop! Church groups, asked by local and state officials to take charge of feeding programs at government shelters like the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, also held worship services and passed out Bibles. Pastors prayed with evacuees, offering spiritual as well as material help. The horror!

Where is the press vigilance?

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Here's why the usual critics are generally silent: Christians are the Dirty Harrys of social service in today's America. The 1971 film "Dirty Harry" starred Clint Eastwood as a San Francisco cop hated by the liberal mayor but called upon when the going gets rough. In the movie, the Eastwood character gains his nickname because he takes on the most difficult tasks the city can offer. "Now you know why they call me 'Dirty Harry,'" he tells his partner after heroically saving one person from death: "Every dirty job that comes along."

Many people, including Muslims and atheists, are getting their hands dirty in post-Katrina help. So are government and nonprofit professionals. But everyone knows that church groups are key.

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Advertising posters for Dirty Harry proclaimed, concerning the Clint Eastwood character, "You don't assign him to murder cases ... you just turn him loose." Christians, turned loose, are doing well so far, through God's grace.