Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Most Adults Feel Accepted by God, but Lack a Biblical Worldview

George Barna's polls are typically quite interesting ... the latest ... Most Adults Feel Accepted by God, but Lack a Biblical Worldview ... a sampling ...
"For several years, The Barna Group has been tracking how many people possess a “biblical worldview.” The organization defines such a life perspective on the basis of several questions about religious beliefs. The definition requires someone to believe that absolute moral truth exists; that the source of moral truth is the Bible; that the Bible is accurate in all of the principles it teaches; that eternal spiritual salvation cannot be earned; that Jesus lived a sinless life on earth; that every person has a responsibility to share their religious beliefs with others; that Satan is a living force, not just a symbol of evil; and that God is the all-knowing, all-powerful maker of the universe who still rules that creation today.

Using that framework, Barna discovered that the percentage of adults holding a biblical worldview has remained minimal and unchanged over the past three years, despite the widespread public debate about moral issues and the efforts of thousands of churches to enhance people’s moral convictions. Currently, only 5% of adults have a biblical worldview. The percentage varies among faith groups. About half of all evangelicals have such a perspective. Overall, 8% of Protestants possess that view, compared to less than one-half of one percent of Catholics."

The Church in America is not doing such a hot job at training folk in the teachings of God's holy scriptures. We need, perhaps, to worry less about our prosperity and personal satisfaction and more about the revealed Word of God.