Monday, August 08, 2005

Let's Have No More Monkey Trials

I'm not obsessed with creationism ... really, I'm not. But the media seems to be dominated by it now and, since this blog is in many ways a reaction items that appear in the popular press ... well, here I go again ... this time it is another secular conservative -- Krauthammer, another guy I like but who misses the boat on this thing in Let's Have No More Monkey Trials. ... quote ...

This conflict between faith and science had mercifully abated over the past four centuries as each grew to permit the other its own independent sphere. What we are witnessing now is a frontier violation by the forces of religion. This new attack claims that because there are gaps in evolution, they therefore must be filled by a divine intelligent designer.

This says it so perfectly, but comes to the wrong conclusion. The Lord Jesus Christ has rule over every dominion. There is no "frontier violation" because the very minds we use, the very logic we employ, the very nature on which we conduct our scientific experiments were given us by the Creator. Granted, there should be no "conflict" between faith and science, in fact, science works best when it is in complete servitude to the Gospel.