Thursday, August 04, 2005

Killing in the Name of ... Part IV

Are anti-life advocates running scared as well? The liberal mag The Nation runs this piece musing that perhaps its time liberals let Roe v. Wade go. Should 'Roe' Go?

This would be a tactical retreat in the mind of this writer. Quote!
With the resignation of Sandra Day O'Connor, more people are asking that question. Democratic Party insiders quietly wonder if abandoning abortion rights would win back white Catholics and evangelicals. A chorus of pundits--among them David Brooks in the New York Times and the Washington Post's Benjamin Wittes writing in The Atlantic--argue that Roe's unforeseen consequences exact too high a price: on democracy, on public discourse, even, paradoxically, on abortion rights.

... and ...
Overturning Roe would definitely energize prochoicers and wake up the young featherheads who think their rights are safe because they have always had them. That's why some staunch prochoicers have "Bring it on!" moments: "Overnight," writes Susan Estrich in a recent syndicated column, "every election, for every state office, would become a referendum not on parental consent or partial birth abortion, but on whether regular old middle-class adult women could get first-trimester abortions. When you think about it that way, you have to ask: What could be better for Democrats?

Beware of depending on "young featherheads". They are the survivors of the abortion holocaust and many of them are pro-life. Bring it on, indeed.