Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Killing in the Name of ... Part IV

Good overview of the recent Frist kerfuffle over stem cells, along with a good bit of background about why pro-lifers should be against killing human embryos. Frist's Folly

I was thinking about this issue this morning, even before I read this article. The promise of embryonic stem cells to heal disease has led to scientists chomping at the bit to have government restrictions eased. Most Americans, it would seem, are for embyronic stem cell research, though few, I think, understand what that term means. At first, I chalked all this up to human fear of death. But now I believe it is more. I think this is defiance against God, at its most basic level. We defy His right to call our sin what it is, and now we are working like mad to try to undo the wages and curse of sin (namely: death). It is ironic that God offers us eternal life beyond the reach of disease or death and the human heart responds by going to war with its Creator.