Monday, August 15, 2005

God vs. Nothing, Part IV

And now for something completely different ... not really, more on evolution in Harvard enters debate on evolution ... quote! ...

Harvard University is planning a scientific study of how life emerged on Earth, thrusting one of America's most prestigious universities into the growing, politically charged debate over an alternative to Charles Darwin's theory of evolution.

Opponents of evolution theory said that Harvard's research project is proof that science has yet to disprove alternative theories, including the idea of "intelligent design," which is popular with America's religious conservatives.

...and ...

"This is not something that began recently or something that began in reaction to what's going on in the larger environment," said Harvard spokesman B.D. Colen. "It's a project that began because scientists are seeking answers to some of the biggest questions ever posed."

But opponents of evolution theory say the project seems to indicate that science has yet to fully prove Darwin's theory.

"This is ... a stunning admission that the current theories do not explain it, and it has not refuted the idea that things are the product of intelligent cause," said John West, a senior fellow at the Seattle-based Discovery Institute, a think tank that backs intelligent design theory.

The Discovery Institute advocates that schools teach scientific criticisms of Darwin's theories.

Ok ... however, to me evolution always seemed somewhat beside the point. The big question isn't how life developed here on earth. The big question is where did all the matter and energy in the universe come from. If I remember correctly, the second law of thermodynamics stated that matter can be neither created or destroyed in a closed system (warning! Liberal arts major attempting scientific thought ... stand back!). And energy is just matter in another form, right? So, fellas at Harvard, where did it all come from? I mean, ALL OF IT! Where did the significant amount of matter and energy originate? Name the scientific theory that covers this. There ain't one. We'll see if the dudes at Harvard solve this one. Until then, you're asking me to leave God for nothing. No thanks.