Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Duh Vinci, Part II

From This is London ... a nun protests the film set of the Da Vinci Code ... Nun Upstages Star Hanks
When he walks on to a movie set, he usually gets star treatment.

But as Tom Hanks arrived at Lincoln Cathedral yesterday, he found himself somewhat upstaged.

... and, the best line in the piece, from the Very Reverend Alec Knight ...

'The Da Vinci Code is a load of old tosh. I have been a school chaplain, and these are the sort of things fifthformers try to trip you up with.

'But if people come here because of it then we have to look at what they go away with.'

I can guess what tosh is, but what's a fifthformer? Is it roughly equivalent to an American fifth grader? (Ignorant Yank alert!) Any help?

Re: The Da Vinci Code, a agree with the Very Reverend, even a novice student of the Bible (like myself) can see it's complete tosh.