Monday, July 11, 2005

London's Blitz Spirit

I'll admit, I was worried at first. For a moment, after what happened in Spain, I was very worried ... Perhaps things were different now, I thought ... Perhaps the hatred of America was so deep ... Perhaps the hatred and boldness of the terrorists was so scary ... Would the proud and stoic British spirit stand up to this hateful mass murder in the streets?

Spain -- as you may or may not recall -- folded to the terrorists after the Madrid bombing. They gave the killers exactly what they wanted by voting out the conservative government and withdrawing their troops from Iraq. I was concerned Great Britian might take a similar path and abandon the fight.

Turns out, I worried needlessly, as this quote so vividly shows. Quote!

"As Brits, we'll carry on -- it doesn't scare us at all," said 37-year-old tour guide Michael Cahill. "Look, loads of people are walking down the streets. It's Great Britain -- not called 'Great' for nothing."

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