Thursday, July 28, 2005

Is the Reformation Over?

Is the Reformation Over? certainly got my attention, but this article is really about evangelicals and Catholics working together in the "Culture Wars." My feeling is that the more sound, intelligent protestants speak to and engage Catholics the quicker the Catholic Church will turn from the portions of its theology that are unbiblical. This article also stirred a profound question in my mind ... is God using our apostate culture to reunite His Church?

A sampling ...

Even Michael S. Horton of Westminster Seminary California, an evangelical who remains sharply critical of Catholic theology, says that "the perceived cultural collapse of the West has become such an overwhelming preoccupation of conservative Catholics and Protestants that just about anything and everything else is on the back burner."

.. and ...

Evangelicals famously champion the Reformation principle of "Scripture alone" as the source of religious authority, whereas Catholicism enshrines both Scripture and tradition as interpreted through the church. Other examples include the authority of the papacy and its dogmas about Mary.