Monday, July 25, 2005

He Shall Have Dominion, Part I

This item on Faithmouse ...

Bring me the head of Faithmouse

Led me to this site ...

End The Christian Right!

If you're keeping score at home, Faithmouse is an interesting and thought provoking Christian political cartoon ... I've used the cartoonist's work before on this blog ... link

End the Christian Right!,(note the exclamation point) from what I can gather after a cursory look, is a rumination on the Christianization of American culture ... as if there is any such thing. A sampling ...

Let's have some fun! We're all getting ready for the New American Taliban. Even now they're marching America towards theocracy based on a shrunken-head vision of the bible.

The gentleman at End the Christian Right!, and folks like him, are really afraid of the wrong thing here. They seem to be concerned that Christians are going to set up some kind of "American Taliban" and force atheists, wiccans, pagans, satanists, et. al., to live in repression and under anti-pagan discrimination. That does sound scary, huh? Actually, I believe what Christians really want should terrify them all the more. When it comes to the unbelieving world, we don't want their politics, or their institutions, or their art ... we want their very minds and souls. And the weapons we will use are invincible and indestructible ... love, compassion, joy, peace, kindness, gentleness. And we will implement these weapons through repentance and prayer. Lord, may it be.