Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Evangelicals in Israel

From Slate, an article by Newsweek reporter Rebecca Sinderbrand about Christians in Jerusalem ... Among the Believers - American Christians gather in Jerusalem to "seek the face of God on Gaza."

Regardless of your eschatological bent, this is interesting. Quote!

Christians, particularly evangelicals, kept the ailing Israeli economy afloat during the first rocky months (of the intifada), providing millions of dollars by way of tourism and charitable donations. Now, after decades of mostly unrequited love, evangelicals have finally managed to get the Israeli government to the altar. Over the past year, more than a dozen Christian outreach initiatives have been launched by the Knesset, and the legislature holds monthly meetings to solicit their input and explore their needs. A few months ago, members of Israel's parliament actually spent a day studying Christianity. Legislators even decided that the country's public-school students should start getting a similar education next year, along with lessons on the history and contributions of "Christian Zionism."